Give yourself the experience of “living beyond illusion” in this exclusive six-month group coaching that includes the following:

- Comprehensive group coaching sessions with Lauren Kay Wyatt.

- Private Customized Session for you to use at any time in the six-month program.

- Healing Report outlining your Gifts & Unique Journey—delivered within the first month of the program.

- Access to exclusive materials, tools, and resources.

- Priority support and guidance throughout the journey.

Although all of us are unique and different, by fully participating in this program, you increase your likelihood of experiencing the following:

- Heightened levels of Love, translating into liberation and forgiveness

- Amazing new circumstances within your life and relationships—when you are your true, whole, and Divine self you align yourself to tangible circumstances that you love within your life and relationships

- Clarity of intuition—this program will teach you discernment and support you in understanding and following your intuition and inner wisdom

- Transform into the most powerful version of yourself as you release the past and embrace your bright future—imagine the healing ripple effect within you and your loved ones lives from your choice to live in Love; beyond illusion!

- New opportunities for love, success, peace, abundance, and joy—when making choices that align to Truth (and not to illusion) you create a whole new trajectory for yourself!

*The six-month payment plan is six payments of $417. To pay for the program in one payment, the investment is $2000, which saves you $502.

Thank you for being a treasured client. A gentle reminder that all sales are final; we do not issue refunds.

This is a transformational, spiritual program. While a payment plan option is available, this is done to assist you in participating in the program, not because this is a monthly program. The six-month program timeframe is here for a purpose, and the purpose is your healing path, your wholeness, and your transformation.

All of our services are deeply transformational and delivered in good faith. These services do not substitute medical, psychological, or legal treatment.

Every person is unique and will have their own results. Another person’s experiences may be different from yours. It is our intention that you have the best possible experience within this program, but ultimately, you are responsible for your personal results and experiences.

We look forward to serving you on your healing adventure of feeling great, having clarity, and creating a life that you love.